Chemical & Fertilization Programs

DSC00515At Pope Lawn Care & Landscaping we provide our customers a complete chemical and fertilization service for both residential and commercial sites.  We target every lawn care issue on both your lawn and shrub/flowerbeds, by using a combination of weed control and fertilization treatments.

Some of the benefits of our chemical/fertilization program include:

  •  leaffControlling weeds in both the lawn and shrub/flower beds.
  •  leaffEliminating molds and fungi that can damage your lawn and shrub/flower beds.
  •  leaffAdding nutrients to your lawn so it will flourish.
  •  leaffImproving the color of your lawn.


This careful attention to your property means that you’ll enjoy a healthier, greener, more weed free lawn and landscape.  Call Pope Lawn Care & Landscaping to get an estimate for your property.